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Coral Phone Number 0843 713 1501

Coral Phone Number 0843 713 1501

Calls cost 5 pence per minute plus your network provider's access charge.

If you need to speak to the Coral customer support team you can call them on 0843 713 1501.

This telephone number is listed for your convenience, if you find there are any errors we would be grateful if you could inform us via our contact us page and we'll ensure this is updated. Thank you for your assistance on this.


Coral Phone Number


You might need to speak to the Coral Betting team for a huge range of customer support enquiries. These include questions regarding free bets and deposit bonuses if you’re having issues. You can telephone the team and speak directly to someone to resolve your issue very promptly. You can get help for a full range of frequently asked questions. Including if you’re having trouble withdrawing funds or issues depositing funds. You might not be able to place bets or a bet you have placed isn’t showing on your account. If you’re having technical issues using the website or mobile app then the customer services department will be able to help you resolve the issues including placing bets via the online site, iPad app or iPhone app.

The app might not be loading properly or keep crashing for all types of bets including Sports, Bingo, Poker or the Casino. You might have questions about new betting features such as Virtual Betting, Live Betting, Cashing Out or regular Football Accumulators, matched betting, deposit bonuses or free bets and the specific rules or terms associated with claiming your Opening welcome bonus if you’re a new customer. You may also have a query regarding a bonus you’ve received as an existing player if the deal isn’t showing correctly on your account. Why am I unable to place bets? Having problems depositing funds or have questions about the methods you can use in depositing and or withdrawing funds.

You might also prefer to place bets via telephone and want to speak to the Coral Phone Betting team. You might want to contact Coral betting shops individually throughout the UK. Such as your local bookie for questions like the opening times on a particular day or the betting services they have available in that particular bookmakers. I have a query regarding the odds on a particular bet or I might want to place a special bet which you need the team to advise on. I want to make a complaint and I want to speak to the Coral Complaints team on a direct phone number. You might have a problem and aren’t happy with the service you’ve received and want to log the problem.

You might have any type of common question you need help with including how to place bets or you might be having problems registering online or downloading the app. I’m having issues navigating the website. How do I update my personal details such as bank account to withdraw funds. How long does it take to withdraw funds from my account. Why am I unable to take funds out of my betting account. You might also be having difficulties depositing funds into your account or they might not be showing immediately. You might have won a bet and it isn’t showing correctly as profit on the app. The odds you received might not be right and you might not understand how the odds have been calculated or could have changed since you placed the bet. I have questions about what I can bet on.

How large or small bets can I place. Why hasn’t my bet been accepted. Do you have a high roller facility to look after large bets. Can I cancel a bet after I have placed it and how long before an event can I withdraw my bet if I change my mind. I have a question as I don’t feel I’ve been fairly treated or I’ve lost a betting slip for a in store bet placed at a local shop. The shop closed early or opened late. What happens if a football game is abandoned. I don’t feel the outcome of the bet was correct. I want to change my bet such as update a Football Accumulator or each way bet I have already placed. Can I edit an accumulator bet. Can I place matched bets. Why has my bet been cancelled. Do I get payment instantly when I win. What are the rules for free bets when I want to withdraw my money. Can I deposit funds with a credit card. Can funds be withdrawn to my credit card. How long does it take for my money to be received. What is taking so long to deposit my cash.

Why do you need my address and proof of address and or a copy of my drivers license or my passport. Is this standard practice. Why is it required. Can I place bets via the Coral telephone betting number. There are a huge number of questions you might want to ask via the phone. Is there a minimum amount I need to bet. Is there a maximum amount I’m allowed to bet. How do I close my account. How do I open an account. I’m having problem with the account opening. I haven’t received the registration email. Can I stop receiving text messages and emails. Can I block my account. Can I open multiple accounts. Can I place multiple bets at the same time. What is the app crashing. Can I get a refund. Can I get compensation if I’ve had an issue. My account balance is incorrect and hasn’t updated. The odds are incorrect and aren’t competitive. My account has been hacked or blocked. What has my account been deactivated. How do I reactivate an account. Why hasn’t my deposit been accepted. Why hasn’t my bet been accepted and it isn’t showing on my account. I’m having problems logging in online and via the Coral App on Android on my iPhone 6, 7, 8, X. The apps keeps closing and keep shutting me out of the system so I keep needing to log back in.

I need the Coral Betting Complaints Number. I placed a bet a long time ago and it isn’t showing on my platform. I have changed my name. How do I change my username. My date of birth isn’t correct. What is the minimum age to register for an account. Which countries overseas can I bet in whilst on holiday I need to confirm with a member of the customer services team and I want to place bets whilst I’m away traveling on business and on holiday in other countries. What is the Coral Betting Contact Number. I want to update my personal details on my account. My address, email, phone number, name, username or password needs to be altered. How do I change my password? I can’t remember my username or password?


Coral Telephone Number


Can I get help resetting my password. Why won’t the system accept my details. I have forgotten which email address I used to register for my account. I no longer have access the email address I used to open my betting account. I want the Coral Bookies Telephone Number. How do I update my app? What browser to I need to use to access the Coral website. Why is the app crashing? Will the update fix the bugs. Why is Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer crashing. My Dell Laptop, MacBook Air, Pro keeps crashing. My Samsung Galaxy Android app isn’t working. What won’t the platform download. The free bets aren’t showing on my account. What currencies can I deposit into my account? What currencies can I withdraw my money in? Can I withdraw to another account. I need the Coral Bookies Phone Number to get help with my problems and I need help resolving this then quickly. I need the Coral Sports Betting Phone Number. This might be for a vast number of reasons such as.

Why had my account been suspended or frozen? I need support from the Coral customer support team to reactivate my account as soon as possible. Why am I not eligible for the free bets or bonus offers on the Sports betting or Casino deposit bonus. I want to know all the withdrawal methods available for retrieving my profit funds from my account. If you’re also having difficulties with verification and using the app then you can speak with the technical support team and faults department for help in resolving the issues you’re experiencing. I’m unable to log into my account and I’m experiencing issues. I need the Coral Bingo Phone Number. I’m hoping the customer relations department can help me sort out the problems I’m having quickly. If you’d like further details of the rules and specific terms and conditions of promotions available online or the Rules for Sports bets placed online then you’re able to ask over the telephone rather than reading through all the current rules which can often be vast. What is the Coral Telephone Betting Number? You might have really specific queries such as the meaning of 1.5 goals or possibly to find out why my account has been frozen.


Coral Bookies Contact Number


The customer services department will be able to directly give you the reasons and talk you through the process of reopening your account which could be locked for a number of reasons. Am I allowed the Cash out if I’m at a Coral betting shop or store. You might want to ask why you’re unable to cash out and is a bet placed in a shop eligible. I also want to know what sports are available for me to utilise the Cash Out feature. I need the Coral Bookies Phone Number to discuss. I want to find out why a bet that I’ve placed isn’t showing on the history of my account placed online or via the mobile app. You might particularly want to discover why you can’t withdraw winnings you’ve recently won or built up over a period. I want the winnings transferred to my bank account. You may also have a query as your bet was cancelled or even not be able to log out of your account online or the app. I want to view all the history of my previous bets including I want to view it on my mobile phone. Is it possible to view or do I need to log into my account on a desktop or laptop computer to do this.

I have a question and need support placing a bet on my mobile or online on the website. Why have I been charged an account dormant fee if I haven’t used my account for some time. A bet that I’ve placed is showing a pending and I want to find out if it is valid and or if this will change or be removed. Will I still be charged. I want to watch a horse race online via the Coral Sports Betting site or mobile app. How do I arrange this? Can I want on iPad or even on my mobile phone. I’m receiving an error message when I try to login and seem to be having a problem with Cookies online. I want to turn off location settings on my app or phone. How do I arrange this? The game is was playing got stuck and has crashed how can I resolve. I need the Coral Poker Phone Number. I want to turn off the push notifications I am receiving on my iPhone on a regular basis. I’d like to not receive these at all going forward. I have a question of why I am yet to receive an Opening Offer I was due as a welcome bonus when I joined as a new player for the first time. Why isn’t the free bet I am due showing on my account.


Coral Bookmakers Number


I need help from the Coral team to fix my account on the telephone. I have free spins available on my account online and want to know how I go about using them, it isn’t completely clear. I’m having technical issues with the website and want to call the Coral Technical Support Phone Number. I want to find out what happens to my bet online or in a betting shop if I have a void selection. What does this mean and do I get my initial bet returned to my account. I want to understand details of Football Jackpots and also Virtual Sorts and What exactly is best price guaranteed. What are Maximum Payouts and how do they work online. On football bets I have a question regarding Win Both Halves and also about Handicap Betting I need to speak to a member of the team on the phone to discuss. What happen if a Football Game I’ve already placed bets on had beeb postponed or cancelled. Also I placed a bet on Tennis and the player had to retire during the game, what is the outcome of my bet and will I get my stake returned. I want to know if Extra Time or Over Time count towards my Football Bet and does it still count or has the bet already finished. What are the rules I want to understand specific rules. What about if I back a Horse and it turns out to be a non runner? What is the Coral Free Bets Phone Number.

I want to speak to the customer services department regarding a promotions I signed up for and an due to receive. I need help in relation to Football Wincasts and Scorecasts. What are they and how do they work for me. I have questions regarding Horse Race betting and Football betting rules. These include particular outcomes during the game or race and I want to understand how this will impact me. I want to the know the rules for Cricket, Football, Darts, Snooker, Rugby, Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Formula One. For example in cricket what is the impact of Super Overs, Tied Matches or even Bowl Offs. I can’t find the information I need online and want to speak to someone directly. Watching races and I want technical help with how I can a Horse Race on my iPhone or Samsung mobile phone. I have placed an each way bet and want to ask something about this and the potential outcomes. There a lots of different types of bets I can place and I want to find out what they are and what they mean for me. I need to know what 1.5 goals means in relation to the stake I have placed already. What about if a Horse Refuses to Race, what does this mean for the outcome.


Coral Betting Shops Number


Do I get a refund of my money. What is the meaning of Your Football Markets and also what is the impact of an own goal, does this change the outcome. On a football match are penalties included and also is my bet still live during extra time or had it finished already. I need to find how the timeframe and how long it will take to settle a bet if I want to take the cash out and put it in my bank account. Football match is called off for various reasons including bad weather or snow. What does this mean for those already placed. Will they be cancelled and the money returned to my account balance. Is there a specific outcome of a Void Selection? What happens if a Football games is postponed or even abandoned, how will this be treated under the rules. What are Rule 4 Deductions? I need to speak to the team on the Coral Sports Complaints Number. I want to understand why this has happened and if I can get any funds returned. Why was I unable to cash out.

What happened to my bet as I was trying to but was unable to during the game. If I am betting directly in a shop rather than online or via the app. Am I able to Cash Out when I’m the shop. What does if mean if one of my bets has been referred to traders. I need to find out why hasn’t my bet been settled what are the main reasons for this and how can I overcome them or reverse any decisions made quickly. The money I received in the account balance is less that I was expecting and additionally I wondered what Coral Money Line is a how it can be used. If there is a Dead Head what are the outcomes of bets placed and what are the rules regarding this. I have a query in relation to Online Sports Rules. I additionally have questions regarding general betting rules and terms. What are the Casino, Lotto and Games Rules. What is Coral Bet acceptance policy? Why has my bet not been accepted. I need to speak to a member of the team. Coral Connect, Bet and Get Club queries and help.

Am I able to get my cash back if a horse I bet on falls. What is the maximum amount I can deposit on Coral Connect. I need the Coral Connect Phone Number. How do I get a card and why do I need to verify my account? I’ve lost my card how can I get an new one. I wondered what countries I am access Coral and which I am able to register a new account from. What is the minimum age to open an account. Can I deposit funds via mobile. I want to add a new payment method via the mobile app. I’m unable to find my card security code or CV2 number. I wondered what my bank statement will look like when withdrawals and deposits appear. I’m trying to change my payment method but am unable to get it to work and need support. I need the Coral Withdrawals Support Phone Number. I’m trying to deposit funds using a Ecocard or Paysafecard. I’m having trouble and need help arranging. I am using PayPal, Netseller or my Credit or Debit Card. I want to cancel a withdrawal, can I arrange this quickly and conveniently?

I want to remove an old card details from my account and am trying to use Skrill to add funds. How long do withdrawals take from my account and am I able to speed up the process. Am I able to cancel a withdrawal after I have already arranged or if it’s currently in process. What can I do if my deposit is declined? I want to Coral Deposits Phone Number. I’m trying to place money in my account and having issues and trouble. I’m waiting on notification of my withdrawal request but haven’t received any email confirmation. Are there any restrictions in getting my money back to my account. Is there a minimum amount I am able to withdraw. What are the charges involved in adding or removing money. I haven’t passed the verification check, it’s automatic. Can the team help me? I need the Coral Verification Phone Number. Is there anything I can do to resolve this problem. I’m trying to verify my mobile account on the app but having technical difficulties.

Why do need to verify and how long is it going to take. Am I able to speed up the process and why am I experiencing delays. I’ve been asked lots of questions and need to provide further information to get my account open. I have questions regarding Fallers Insurance and also I need the Coral Bet and Get Club Phone Number. I also wondered what Comp Points are? How do use them? What are Football Acca Boosts. What is the Connect Bonus Bank Special and how do I claim this? I have questions regarding Connect In-Shop Acca Insurance and can this be paid in free bets, how does it work? I’m looking to redeem a voucher code and how do I arrange this online or via my mobile app? How do I claim an in shop Cash Match voucher, I need to speak to someone to understand how it works. I’m looking at welcome bonuses and I wondered if I’m able to claim multiple bonuses when I join as a new customer. I need the Coral Self-Exclude Phone Number. I’m looking to close my account and not re-open it. I want to set a maximum deposit limit on my account that cannot be changed. I have questions regarding my deposit limits and also am looking to arrange a time out period.

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